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Information on the malpractice insurance we carry through HDF Insurance:

Choice of limits, subject to terms and conditions

$2,000,000 per claim / $2,000,000 aggregate = $125/yr (plus 6% tax)

$2,000,000 per claim / $4,000,000 aggregate = $140/yr (plus 6% tax)

$5,000,000 per claim / $5,000,000 aggregate = $150/yr (plus 6% tax)

No deductible

(Prices above can change, the price on HDF Insurances' application form will be the true price of the coverage, as this website gets updated slowly.)


Includes Disciplinary Action

Includes Penal Defence reimbursement

Retirement / Death / Disability / Cessation of business

Cyber Security and Privacy Liability Extension

Loss of Earnings

(Exact details of coverage and bonuses' are disclosed to members only, apply above to be a member to access HDF's Portal for exact information or call 1-800-567-2048. Details provided above are for making malpractice insurance decisions for Saskatchewan Technicians.)