The Arthritis Society has updated biologics and biosimilars content on their website – which includes edits and new material from pharmacist Dr. Alan Low. These resources are intended to help people living with arthritis understand biologics and biosimilar medications and to dispel fears about switching from an innovator biologic to a biosimilar. We are hoping that you can share this resource with your members as we think they might find it useful to share with their clients who are concerned about switching to the less expensive biosimilar drugs as mandated by the new government biosimilars policies. Background / why is this information relevant: Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories recently implemented new biosimilars policies, joining BC, Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec who have similar policies. Ontario is expected to follow shortly. This is a very big deal within the rheumatology community and for arthritis patients taking biologic medications, because it requires patients to switch from the original “innovator” biologics to the less expensive biosimilar drugs. Although research has shown that biosimilars have the same efficacy and safety levels as the original drugs on the market, many patients are concerned that they will be less effective or that they will experience a worsening of arthritis symptoms if forced to switch.

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The Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Professionals (CPDPP) is based out of the University of Saskatchewan, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. They develop, implement, support and evaluate continuing education and continuing professional development oportunities for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

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ISMP Canada, a non-for-profit national organization dedicated towards improving medication safety, is offering virtual workshops in areas such as incident analysis and proactive risk assessment, medication safety culture, Medication Reconciliation and Best Possible Medication History, Safe Use of Insulin Pens, Multiple IV Infusion Safety just to name a few. For more information, please visit link below.

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The Canadian Healthcare Network is an online community for Canadian Physicians, Pharmacy professionals, nurses and healthcare managers. It is the Canadian Healthcare Network's mission to inspire their audience to make the most of their emerging role as primary healthcare providers, while also informing them of the latest clinical and practice news.

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